What is a townhouse – popular explanation with pictures

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What is a townhouse?

What is a Townhouse? It’s no rocket science, but with the variety of properties in the market, many people tend to get it wrong.

Let’s explore the points that would define townhouse. Historically, the term was coined in England, where the wealthy society used to have one home in the town while their primary residence would be in the country.

The word stuck but the meaning changed. A typical townhouse definition would be that is a single-family residence that’s a part of a community.

It can be rented or owned. Ideally, it has a tall and narrow architecture and shares a wall with the adjacent house.

It is a similar to a row house; the only difference would be the way they are lined up. All the houses in the community will more or less have the similar architecture.

Interior details

It is a single family home with multiple floors with at least 2 floors. The ground floor generally has the living room, kitchen and dining space.

The top floor has the bedrooms. Usually, there is a minimum of one master bedroom with attached bath and one or more guest bedrooms.

The number of guest or extra bedrooms depends on the size of the property. Bathrooms are present on both the floors.

The best thing about a townhouse is that it comes along with a small backyard and a front yard, making it a perfect place to start a family.

Property details & Summary

Another benefit of owning a townhouse is that, if you’re not renting it then you own it fully. In a condo there are restrictions imposed on upgrading or replacing the exterior of the property.

On the other hand a townhouse provides a fair share of freedom and you can have a say about the landscaping, interior or other exterior choices.

Amenities for townhouses are present depending on the community, but it’s very rare.

There will be homeowner association fees to be paid, but that’s fine compared to what you would spend owning an independent house and doing all the maintenance all by yourself.

To sum it up a townhouse is a great buy in terms of owning it or renting. It gives you the independence to do your own thing with all that space without burning a hole in your pocket.

Now you know, what is a townhouse.

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